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Natural Resources Committee Hearing Update

The second hearing of the Natural Resources Committee on LR 154 and LR 247 took place on Tuesday, December 15, at the State Capitol in Lincoln. These LRs, or legislative resolutions, are interim studies regarding the future of the NOGCC and concerning regulation of wastewater disposal wells.

Invited testimony included the EPA’s Kurt Hildebrandt who called the NOGCC one of the best run and strongest organizations in the region. Mike Nickolaus, Special Projects Director for the Ground Water Protection Council also praised the NOGCC calling it a “good example of a program that uses a minimum amount of resources to obtain a maximum of environmental protection” and called the organization “well run, efficient, and effective.”

NPPA members Murfin Drilling Company, Everston Operating Company, Inc. and K&S Construction Co., Inc. testified in support of the industry at the hearing.

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