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NPPA Board of Directors

NPPA's Board of Directors is made up of leaders from throughout Nebraska's oil and gas industry.  We advocate  on behalf Nebraska’s independent oil and gas producers and supporters.

2023-24 Board of Directors

NPPA President

Rob Kramer

Murfin Drilling Company.

NPPA Vice President

Sam Bradley

Impetro NonOp LLC

NPPA Treasurer

Bobby Patton

Thoroughbred Associates LLC

NPPA Secretary

Jodi Keeler

Antelope Energy

NPPA Board Member

Tom Baker

Baker Corporation

NPPA Board Member

Dave Haack

Z & S Construction Co., Inc.

NPPA Board Member

Dan Blankenau

Great Plains Energy, Inc

NPPA Board Member

Dana Wreath

Berexco LLC

NPPA Board Member

Leon Rodak

Murfin Drilling Company

NPPA Board Member

Michael Kay

Berexco LLC

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