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Why Join Us?

Nebraska’s oil and gas producers have recently become a target of the radical environmentalist movement which uses misinformation, scare tactics and emotional appeals to fuel their political agenda.

Our mission is to educate the public and state policymakers on the oil and gas industry’s value to Nebraska’s state and local economies, the existing regulatory structure that has effectively governed the industry for decades, and our industry’s operational and exploration practices. NPPA advocates for policies that benefit and help grow the industry in Nebraska, and actively oppose threats to current and future oil and gas production.


Membership dues may seem like an expense you can do without.  However, the threat is real and your contribution and participation in NPPA is vital to our short-term and long-term success. 

Membership Levels

Producer Member

Annual dues are set based on 2021 average daily production as reported by NOGCC with a minimum of $200. Thus the largest producers will shoulder the bulk of the dues, but a united defense of our industry requires the support of small producers as well as large. Call or email Chris Peterson for your Producer Member dues amount, or send the membership form and we will send you an invoice.

Sustaining Member

Annual dues of $1,000 are for large vendors and service companies that do business with our industry.

Regular Member

Annual dues of $200 are for small vendors and service companies that do business with our industry as well as royalty owners, lessors, and other individuals who have a desire to support NPPA. 

Want to Join?

It's easy! Click the link to our PayPal account to pay online or download and fill out the membership form below and mail it, with your dues payment, to:


1327 H Street, Suite 303 Lincoln, NE 68508​

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